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Children must pass through several stages, or take specific steps, on their road for becoming adults., there are four or five such stages of growth where they learn certain things: infancy (birth to age two), early childhood (ages 3 to 8 years), later childhood (ages 9 to 12) and Adolescent (ages 13 to 18). Parents must gain knowledge to take care of their babies, young children and especially Adolescent son or daughter. It is found that like everyone, even teachers and neighbors have problems understanding them.

Adolescent is right next to the adult stage, the last step before being an adult. This is a time for adolescents to decide about their future line of work and think about starting their own Career. One of the first things they must do is to start making their own decisions. Adolescents also need to be around like relatives, neighbors, or teachers who can be their Positive Role model for them.

Adolescents face a range of developmental issues. According to the Psychologists, work and relationships. , intimacy and commitment to goals, exploring and crystallizing vocational choice are important to adolescents. It is also found that young people left high school unprepared for current career realities and that both the career. At the end of their final year of high school, students must be made aware of their career choice, their career interest and wide range of opportunities.

Career counseling

counseling which recognizes the developmental needs of young people, the influence of social and economic changes, and the importance of basing intervention strategies on personal and career competence, all within a context of diminished and changing opportunities for choice is very important for this group.

Adolescent is a stage at which they are neither a child nor an adult, life is definitely getting more obscure as attempted to find own identity, struggle with social interactions, and grapple with moral issues. General counseling becomes more vital for both the parents and to the young people.