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Anger and Aggression

"What causes a person to feel angry?" There are two answers to the question. The first is that you may feel angry with yourself or something that you may have done. The second is that you may be angry at another person or object. Feeling annoyed with yourself is internal anger and anger towards another person as external anger. A few steps that help you learn more about your angry feelings. The first step is to find out what is making you feel angry like family, work, or friends. The next step is to find the source. This means that you need to find out if it is internal anger or external anger. Then find the right time and place to talk about your feelings and express your anger to the concerned person in a very simple way.

The teen years are a very difficult time for all families. Teens are starting to grow up and try new things that their parents may not accept. This creates anger in the parents as well as the teens. The teen’s anger may be out of control at times and they may do dangerous things. Such as using drugs and drinking alcohol, they may make criminal acts or even attempt suicide. These actions are symptoms of disruptive disorders. Also, Medical and biological factors that may have an effect. Some other factors are learning disabilities. Also drug and alcohol abuse can be symptoms of a disruptive disorder. If a parent believes that their child may have a disruptive disorder they should have it checked out right away. They can get set up for treatment. Some methods of treatment are individual counseling, family counseling, group therapy, and medication.