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Inter Personal

Close relationships offer support, encouragement and enjoyment, but are also sometimes a source of distress, frustration and despair. Natural phases of highs and lows in attraction, energy and enthusiasm can place stress on relationships. Regrettably we have little control over these aspects. On the other hand, many problems arise from factors such as work and financial pressures, or goals and expectations being different between partners. These are some of the areas in which we can make changes, which can improve relationship agreement and satisfaction.

The most common relationship problems

Poor communication and lack of basic understanding. The way people talk (or don’t talk) to one another and the inability to understand one another can cause a lot of distress and tension in their life.

Poor problem-solving skills

Problem solving skills are vital to working out relationship difficulties.

Lack of quality time together

Quality time together involves Identifying shared interests that you can have the benefit of enjoyment together and focus on positive things.